Update: New release


It’s been just over a month now since we launched Gigit! It’s amazing to see how many live music lovers have joined the herd! So we thought it would be a good moment to give you all a heads-up…

What we’re up to

You might think we’ve been binge drinking at festivals and singing Sweet Home Alabama all summer long. But...no. We’ve spent our time on loads of boring stuff (like technical blabla, security thingies, legal shizzle, yes, fun stuff), BUT, also really cool things! Just to give you a quick overview…

With all the feedback you’ve given us, we’ve categorised our roadmap into three main topics:

A better concert archive

The main goal of Gigit is to be a live music archive. With so many of you joining, the archive is filling itself quickly, but there is still a lot to be done. More gigs, more content, more stats, more…more… more... Action! We’re on it.

A smoother flow

Many of you are finding the “add gig flow” too much work. Too many fields to fill in, too much hassle. Fair point! Step by step we’ll make this flow smoother and easier for you. 

A fun place to hang out

A live music archive shouldn’t be dusty and boring. Gigit is going to be a fun place to hang out, to relive your gigs and to share your greatest music memories with friends. That’s why we’re working on more social functionalities such as comment- and sharing-options. Let’s be like Buena Vista!

A new release this afternoon!

You've sent us so many good ideas and lots of valuable feedback - thank you so much! Today we’ve released a new version of the app with a few fixes and new features added in response to the most common feedback:  

  1. Choose your profile picture. You didn’t like the fact that you could only take a new picture for your profile, instead of choosing an existing one from your phone. Fair enough! From this afternoon onward, you can choose that great picture from your summer holiday in 2012.

  2. Who digged my gig? Other users could already dig your gigs (/like your gigs, but we like 'digging' better. Dig it, gig it, you know? We're so creative and that). However, you couldn't see who digged your gig. Now you can! We've also added a push message, so you'll immediately know who is sending you those good vibes.

  3. Expanded rating score. You can now rate your gigs with halves and quarters.

  4. The order of the gigs. Many of you were asking for a chronologically ordered Liveline. Makes sense! Your own Liveline (on your profile page) will now be chronologically ordered based on the gig date. Your friends' Liveline will stay ordered based on the adding date, so you'll never miss a single gig of your friends. If you'd like to choose the order of the gigs yourself, stay tuned, there will be a filter function pretty soon :)

  5. Longer reviews. Sometimes a gig leaves you speechless and sometimes you could write a book about it. Apparently, many of you like to write books. But the limited number of characters in the review-field wouldn't let you. Now it will!

  6. More confirmation messages. Sometimes we left you in doubt. Has my gig been added? Has my picture been uploaded? No doubts anymore with some extra confirmation messages. Pling!

  7. Improved picture upload. We're constantly working on the speed of the app. In this release we've improved the upload speed of pictures (and it will be even faster soon!)

Keep your feedback coming!

Your feedback has been incredibly valuable to us. So please keep it coming! You are in charge of where this app is going. Please send your feedback and ideas to feedback@getgigit.com  


The Android version is still in the oven. We’re genuinely sorry that it hasn’t been in time for this year’s festival season. We owe you, Android users, big time. We’ll make it up to you. We promise <3 

Over Gigit

Gigit is een concert- en festival-app waarin je alle door jou bezochte concerten bewaart, beoordeelt en deelt met andere muziekliefhebbers. Wat Untappd is voor bierliefhebbers, IMDb voor filmfanaten en Runkeeper voor hardlopers, is Gigit voor concertgangers. Start vandaag jouw “Liveline” en herbeleef alle toffe gigs die jij zag in je leven!

All the concerts you’ve been to, in one app!

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